I am a Libran, born in 1982. I am a Photographer living in New Delhi, India. I have been documenting Weddings since 2009. I specialise in Lifestyle & Wedding Photography. I love to photograph people. Weddings have always given me a wonderful opportunity to not only interact & connect with some of the most awesome people on this Planet – but also make some fabulous friends on the way.

Fresh out of Engineering college in 2004, I met a few very talented artists and we made an animated short film. We got a few awards, and I took up a job as an Animator with UTV Motion Pictures in Mumbai. A few years later, I was the General Manager with an educational institution which taught VFX & Animation pan-India. The travel that came with the job, and the exposure to such a huge pool of talent across the country, helped me get better at photography. In 2008, I finally took the plunge and Quit my job. The next one year, I found myself meeting photographers & learning on the go, taking up fashion, wedding & travel photography assignments, in the search of an identity. By the end of 2008, I had explored several styles of photography – from Product to Stock, from Portraiture to Still Life, and by 2009 I knew that I was most comfortable around People. This is when I decided to commit to photographing People & Weddings as a full-time job.

I am a rajma-chawal lover & a health-freak (yea! unfortunately those two don’t go together). I am a travel maniac and I love food & I am pretty shameless when it comes to taking a quick food pic from my phone, before a meal. I used to be crazily into fitness, but I am now more ‘fit’ than ‘buffed’ (read: too lazy for weights). I love to travel to beaches! Goa, Mauritius, Bali, Maldives, Andamans – Ah, the list is long. I love water sports, Scuba, Snorkelling, or just a swim in the ocean. I also love to watch sunsets on hill-tops. I love Paragliding and I am scared of Heights (for real!).